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Aimee’s Adventures Part 4!!




Well I'm back at school again after yet another holiday week!! I spent my half-term break in sunny Cyprus with Sally and Jimmy (the other Aussie Gaps at my school). We hired an apartment for the week in the resort town of Ayia Napa, on the south-east coast of Cyprus. It was absolutely fantastic!! It was very warm, about 30 deg every day and very sunny! After 5 months of not seeing the sun (literally) my legs got rather lobster like after the first day!! But I eventually got used to the sun and ended up with a rather nice tan. It isn’t quite Summer yet but the place was still packed with tourists (and mainly of the pommy variety - brits abroad are the worst kind!!). We mostly lazed around sitting on the beach or by the pool ( its a tough life really!). Managed to get ourselves off our backsides on Wednesday to go cruising on a catermaran for the day. We sailed right up to the Turkish border and saw the Greek Soldiers, then the UN and then the Turks all in their towers on the coastline. They've opened up the border for tourists but you're only allowed to cross the border for the day and have to be back by 5 pm! We didn't venture across but apparently the other side is even more beautiful. We then sailed back down past Ayia Napa into a little bay for Lunch and some watersports  ( kayaking, snorkelling etc).

Hired mopeds on Thursday and rode to some sea caves nearby and to Protaras (the next resort). Had loads of fun hooning around. The keys fell out of Sally's ignition on a particularly bumpy dirt road, but she didn't notice until we stopped and she tried to turn it off!! Luckily we found them again otherwise there could have been trouble!!! Went for another ride on Saturday to Potamas which is a little kind of shanty fishing port, it was very cute, and the nearby beach was gorgeous!

We weren't too happy about having to come home again, but were very tired!! The flight home was horrible, it was long (about 4 1/2 hrs) with absolutely no leg room! At one stage I tried to lean back my seat and the old lady behind me pretty much pushed it back up again!! When we got into the airport our taxi, which we had booked a week before didn't turn up!! We waited for ages but then decided it wasn't going to turn up so we had to get another taxi which was much more expensive!!! Not happy Jan!!! We finally got home at 5 am and had to start work at 8!!!

 We're in the midst of exam weeks here at the moment. Last week was Lower School exam week, as well as A, AS and GSCE levels (yrs 10 11 12 exams).Unfortunately for us, one of the little year 8 darlings decided to break his arm in the holidays so we have to write out all of his exams for him!!! I got lumped with both of his English exams first thing Monday morning!!! Apart from that we're having a bit of a easy week as the kids are all on exams so there's not many classes to teach!


Well thats about all for now!




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