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Westfields Sports Girls Open Softball team make the 2009 State knockout final

Yes! Another trip to Newcastle and another rained out tournament, but if you think that was our biggest drama, you are sadly mistaken!

Drama 1: Aimee tears her Anterior Cruciate Ligament.
Drama 2: Bianca breaks her finger
Drama 3: Ms Solomons thinks we forgo the whole revenge of the runners-up 2008 and try and win the Plate. She can’t bear the thought of losing. Chris Brownlow tells her to have some faith in the girls. Luckily, someone has some sense around here!

Final 16 - WSHS vs Merewether H.S

Drama 4:
We got up at 5.30am on July 6th and travelled to Newcastle with Ray Gerrie, our most loyal and ardent supporter to play our round of 16 opponents Merewether H.S, who forfeited against us at the last minute! Therefore, the only match report we can give you is:
“Transformers 2 was a really good movie”...Tayla
Score: Forfeit

Quarter Final - WSHS vs Kooringal H.S
Match report: Ashlea starts the game as pitcher and has an awesome start, shutting Kooringal down. Tayla smashes a ball to left field. Ms Solomons gets her camera out, Kiarni comes up to bat and smacks the ball...straight into her cheek

Drama 5
Ms Solomons and Kiarni enjoy a trip to John Hunter hospital in Newcastle with two very, very nice ambulance officers. Kiarni doesn’t have a broken cheekbone but has a very nasty black eye. Ms Solomons has a panic attack and a pulse of 134.

Drama 6
Kiarni misses out on all you can eat at Billabongs Family restaurant at East Maitland Bowling club. Enough said. This year, Tayla maintains her record as all you can eat champion. Kiarni vows revenge in 2010. By the way apparently, the girls played superbly and won well. Chris is very happy and though he doesn’t say it, Ms Solomons knows he is thinking “...told you so!” Those year 8’s are playing out of their skins. Sam H, Sam M, Sarah and Stacey faced Kaia in Newcastle last year, it’s nothing new or intimidating for them!
Score: 10-1

Semi-Final WSHS vs Wagga Wagga H.S
Wagga Wagga were the 2007 winners of the knockout. Last year they beat Cheltenhem GHS for 3rd place, so we know we are up against it. There is a torrential downpour. It is raining so hard Ashlea and Karla can barely grip the ball to pitch it. Did I mention we are down to 9 players now? Bianca bravely offers to put her batting gloves on if necessary, but we all have faith in our last remaining 9 girls.
Tayla Campbell is the hero of this match with a superb home run with two on bases. Well done TC! Karla’s pitching is freaking awesome, she must not realise it is raining (who am I kidding?) Jessie, our captain is solid (especially with all that shoulder strapping!) at 2nd. Her batting and base running are as invaluable as ever. Sheree has stepped up into that catcher’s role at the last minute and has done herself proud.
What no dramas?
That’s right!
Score 6-3

PS. See you at Blacktown for the revenge match oops I meant, final NBSC! Kiarni’s waiting!

Ms Solomons
Softball Convenor WSHS

Posted 20th August 2009

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