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Nikodin Matic
Sibling supportNikoden and Ognjen Matic are rising talents in their respective sports. Nikodin plays soccer and Ognjen plays handball.     Picture: Wesley Lonergan

A family affair

By: Cindy Tran

THEY say there's sibling rivalry when it comes to sport but the Matic brothers have nothing to worry about.
 The Cabramatta brothers Ognjen and Nikodin Matic both lead different paths.
  The former Cabramatta High student, Ognjen recently came back from Sweden after competing in the Men's Handball World Championships.
  The 21-year-ols was the first goalscorer for Australia.
  "I try to focus and play the game but after being the first scorer, I actually felt honoured, motivated and confident," Ognjen said.
  "We played against the best nations in the world and I get to score seven goals in four matches.
 "I think playing against countries like Denmark and
with the bros
Croatia was the most competitive nations we've versed during the tournament."
  Nikodin, 18, recently spent one week in England for the Nike Academy Scholarship, only to return home after making it as far as the final 32 players.
  "There has been some mixed feelings but ut's good to be back home," Nikodin said.
  "I was really excited when I was selected as one of the top 30 players from Australia and New Zealand to compete for this scholarship."
  The former Westfields Sports High School student said the opportunity was something he has always dreamt about, especially going over seas.
  "We got to meet 15 of the top Premier League legends and it was just unbelievable and inspirational," he said.
  Ognjen sais he is really
in arms
close to his brother and believes a lot will go his way.
  "I think Nikodin has done really well and I know he will achieve a lot more than I will," he said.
  Nikodin said: "Ognjen is a great model to look up to." The Matic brothers will be focusing on their studies and. of course, sports on the sideline.
  "I am into my final year of studying PE teaching and I want to get that out of the way before I can start focusing on going overseas for handball," Ognjen said.
  As for Nikodin, he said he recently got offered a double degree at UWS in business but will be focusingon the Central Coast Mariners Youth League in the meantime.
  "I have been working really hard and it has been rewarding given that we are coming second," he said.

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Wed 9th February 2011
  Name: Ognjen Matic
  Age: 21
  Sport: European handball
  Position: Left back
  School: Cabramatta High School
  Club team: UTS Handball club
 Representative honours: Australian Men's Handball Federation
  Name: Nikodin Matic
  Age: 18
  Sport: Soccer
  Position: Goalkeeper
  School: Westfields Soprts
  Club team: Central Coast Mariners Youth
  Representative honours: Central Coast Mariners

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