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Ryan Mormul--------------------Class of 2001, (19) 2003
2003 - Update
Joining a long list of hammer throwers produced at Westfields, Ryan is 2nd from the top. Over the last two years, Ryan has never been ranked out of the top 3 in Australia.
Not a bad effort when you consider the two athletes in front of him are both high profile Institute athletes of freakish ability. Having had starts at two Telstra A series, Ryan has joined in with the big boys and has performed exceptionally. Big things ahead!
Personal Bests:
Hammer (6kg)----------------- 63.30
Hammer (7.26kg)------------- 55.45
Discus (1.5kg)----------------- 53.33
Discus (1.75)------------------- 48.47

2002 National Squad member
Ryan Mormul
2002 Update
Ryan Mormul won two bronze medals at last years Australian All Schools and shortly after threw a massive 66 metres to be selected in the National Junior Thows Squad for the hammer throw. Ryan made the right career decision several years ago when he decided to concentrate on the Hammer Throw, even though he is still ranked right up there with the best in the Discus Throw.

Ryan narrowly missed selection for the World Youth Championships in Hungary. The event was eventually won by the local boy, and the medal presentation was done by the Hungarian National Hero who had won Olympic Gold. Ryan’s personal best throw at the time would most likely have placed him amongst the medals. Very pleasing to WAC, Ryan has announced he will be remaining with us this year!

2001 - Update
After three years of serious hard work, Ryan Mormul has won his second National medal. A just reward for this determined young man. Originally training for discus, Ryan crossed over to the hammer and has had a marvellous season. He narrowly missed the qualifying distance for the World Youth Championships when he took the Bronze medal in Bendigo.

Ryan's improvement in Hammer from mid 40 metres to the 60 metres range over the past two years ranks him number 3 in Australia; but this has not detracted from improvement in the Discus as well. At the end of the 2000-2001 season, Ryan is also currently holding onto the number 3 National spot for Discus. In his final year at school, one of Ryan's goals will be to medal again at the Nationals and to get closer to his very talented adversary, Tim Driesen.

Ryan Mormul's decision to concentrate on the hammer throw has paid off. His first time ever appearance at a National Championships reaped the reward of a Silver medal. And it was a well earned silver medal with Ryan giving the phenomenal Tim Driesen a run for his money at the Australian All Schools. Ryan threw 57.59 in winning the Silver medal. Ironically, within two weeks of the Australian All Schools, Ryan would throw 64.28 metres during an outer ground competition with his last throw of the 4 kilogram hammer before the new year, when he would have to throw the heavier 5 kilogram hammer.
Even though Ryan had put so much effort into the hammer, he still performed extremely well in the discus medalling at NSW Combined High Schools and NSW All Schools Championships. His personal best with the 1 kilogram discus gave him a number 6 national junior ranking in 1999. In fact, 1999 was Ryan's best year to date. He finished the year with the number two national under 16 ranking for the four kilogram hammer.

Moving up to the heavier 5 kilogram implement. Ryan has had a very good transition. Competing as a sixteen year old in the under 18 division he managed to pick up the number 6 national ranking. Ryan also picked up and threw the 6 kilogram hammer to qualify for the Australian Under 20 titles held at Stadium Australia. He threw just short of 50 metres. Ryan has a big future ahead of him.
National Rankings
2003 Open Hammer (7kg) 54.74 number 8
2003 U20 Hammer (7kg) 54.74 number 4
2003 U20 Hammer (6kg) 60.56 number 2
2002 Open Hammer (7kg) 54.25 number 13
2002 U20 Hammer (7kg) 54.25 number 3
2002 U20 Hammer (7kg) 63.30 number 3
2002 U20 Hammer ??.?? number 3
2001 U20 Hammer 57.92 number 5
2001 U18 Hammer 66.81 number 2
2001 U18 Discus 53.33 number 4

National Championships
2003 Aust. Open Open Hammer 54.39 10th
2003 Aust. Open U20 Hammer 59.83 4th
2003 Aust. Open U20 Discus 40.37 8th State Championships
2002 Australian Open U20 Hammer 58.99 4th
2001 Aust. All Sch. U18 Hammer 64.96 Bronze
2001 Aust. All Sch. U20 Hammer 57.92 Bronze
2001 Aust. All Sch. U18 Discus 50.13 4th
2001 Aust. Youth Champ. Hammer U18 59.64 Bronze
2001 Aust. Youth Champ. Discus U18 51.03 5th 2000 Aust. Underage U18 Hammer 53.14 5th
2000 Aust. Underage U18 Discus 44.05 7th
1999 Aust. All Schools U16 Hammer 57.59 Silver
1999 Aust. All Schools U16 Discus 55.04 7th
1999 Aust. All Schools U18 Hammer 52.88 5th

International / Domestic Tournaments
Sydney Youth Olympics Hammer U18 57.79 Silver
Sydney Youth Olympics Discus U18 49.51 5th
2000 Pacific Sch. Games Hammer U18 55.94 5th

99-00 State Championships
2003 NSW Open Open Hammer 53.17 5th
2003 NSW Open U20 Hammer 60.22 Gold
2003 NSW Open U20 Discus 41.30 4th
2002 NSW Relays Open 4XHam. 1.38.97 Gold
2002 NSW Relays Open 4XDisc. 1.22.88 Bronze
2002 NSW Relays Open 4XShot 41.36 4th
2002 NSW Open U20 Hammer 60.67 Gold
2002 NSW Open U20 Discus 45.11 4th
2001 NSW Youth Champ. -U18 Hammer 58.85 Gold
2001 NSW Youth Champ. -U18 Discus 47.46 4th
2001 NSW CHS 17 Penathlon 2899 Silver
2001 NSW CHS 17 Discus 48.59 Silver
2001 NSW All Sch. 17 Hammer 63.12 Gold
2001 NSW All Sch. 17 Discus 49.62 Silver
2001 NSW Relays U18 4XHam. 1.37.50 Gold
2001 NSW Relays U18 4XDisc. 1.43.92 Silver
2001 NSW Relays U18 4XShot 56.16 Silver
2000 NSW Underage ---U18 Hammer 55.52 Silver
2000 NSW Underage ---U20 Hammer 49.42 Silver
2000 NSW Underage ---U18 Discus 44.99 4th
2000 NSW CHS Discus ---17 47.76 Silver
2000 NSW All Schools -- 17 Hammer 53.17 Silver
1999 NSW CHS ---------U15 Discus 54.84 Silver
1999 NSW All Schools U15 Hammer 58.12 Gold
1999 NSW All Schools U15 Discus 53.09 Silver
1999 NSW All Schools U17 Hammer 50.47 Silver
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