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Meet the Westfields Sports Track & Field Coaches
Dan Suchy

Taking over from Max Wilkinson is not going to be an easy task for Dan. Max has been the sprints coach at Westfields for eight years and has left behind a very talented squad of potential champions. Dan took the decision to take over from Max after much consideration. It would have been easy to conscript another coach in Maxís place, but it would have been difficult to find one as dedicated and readily available as Max. Dan has had considerable experience as a sprints coach having trained two athletes to World Juniors in 100m, 200m and relays. With athletes as talented as Srdjan Veselinovic, Dale Jenner and many others, the tradition set down by Max looks like it will be kept in tack.

Dan Suchy

James Fitzgerald   -   See Squad TFS369
Middle distance/walks

Yvonne Melene was our middle distance coach of eight years until replaced initially by Di Barnes early in 2003 and then finally by the very experienced James Fitzgerald. James was the former NSWIS scholarship coach for middle distance. In his 24 months at Westfields, working with the smallest squad in the program, James has been responsible for increasing the size of the squad to almost bursting at the seams. Anyone who frequents the track at Homebush on Wednesdays will see the fruits of Jamesí efforts. His squad is so large now they virtually take over the track. Happy, motivated and eager to run, his athletes are the most regular trainers at Westfields.

James Fitzgerald

Fred OíConnor

Turning 82 later this year, Fred has once again smashed Australian records in multiple disciplines at the Veteran and Masters Championships in 2005. Fred will travel to Spain in August later this year to defend his World Title in the Decathlon. Fred commented recently "I think I better start getting fit again". For the second World Junior Championships in a row, Fred has taken 2 athletes through to qualify (2002 Lapierre and Thornell, and 2004 Thornell and Bligh). The results were Silver and 6th and Bronze and 7th. Fred controls a large squad of elite and potentially elite athletes. He is clearly one of Australiaís most experienced coaches and more importantly one of the most respected.

Fred Connors
Denis Knowles

Level III, World Youth coach in 2003, World Junior Coach in 2004 and now World Youth coach again in 2005 are just a few of Denisí list of accreditations and achievements. This season Denis has led the amazing performances of Dani Samuels and Christie Chamberlain. Dani in particular has emerged as the youngest athlete in Athletics Australiaís history to win the Open Discus title. A very intelligent coach who can pick where an athletes real talent lies. While everyone was raving about Dani as a shot puter, Denis knew she was going to excel further in Discus. Always there for our athletes, Denis is a valuable asset to the Westfields Family.

Denis Knowles

Ron White
Pole Vault

Level III NSWIS Pole Vault coach and President of the Australian Track & Field Coaches Association (NSW) are a few of Ronís notable positions. Personal coach of a 2000 Olympian and numerous other Australian representatives. Even though the Westfields pole vault squad is only small, but growing, they have nevertheless come a long way with Ron. Lara Huston only this year cracked the 3.00 metre barrier and new athletes Thomas Wan Lum is showing much promise.

Ron White
Dan Suchy

Level II Sprints/Hurdles, Vice President of the Australian Track & Field Coaches Association (NSW) and Co-Junior Statistician for Athletics Australia. Danís 30th year at Westfields and he continues to work harder every year. Having produced two World Junior athletes and many other youth Internationals, Dan has lost track of just how many Australian records, Australian Junior and Youth Titles his athletes have won, not to mention achievements at state level. Some of his notable athletes include Willy Wicks (fastest 18 year old junior hurdler in the world in 1998, Fabrice Lapierre (2002 World Juniors 100m) and Paul Stickler (number 3 in the world 2002 U18 110m hurdles). Editor of this magazine and with six of the seven days in the week also devoted to coaching the hurdle, he is much appreciated by all.

Dan Suchy

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