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Kylie Wildman------------------------------Year 9, (15) 2001

The kid from Woy Woy who travels to and from school in one day further than most of us travel in a fortnight, is rapidly becoming one of WAC's leading future hurdling prospects.

Kylie held on to her number one national ranking for all of 1999 and proved her point when she first met her nemesis from Queensland at the Australian All Schools Championships in December.

Personal Bests:
80m Hurdles------- 12.61
90m Hurdles------- 13.57
200m Hurdles------ 29.23w 90m Hurdles -------------13.57
200m Hurdles ------30.15 (29.23 w)
Kylie Wildman
On paper there was nothing between the two and the National under 14 final of the 80 metre hurdles proved just that. Kylie won the title in identical time, with the two being split by less that a hundredth of a second. Kylie's time of 12.61 became the fastest ever by a WAC athlete.

Not to be left out of a chance to compete at the Pacific School Games, Kylie competed up two years in the under 16's at the Australian All Schools to contest the more difficult 90 metres and 200 metres hurdle events. As the youngest girl in the field of under 16 competitors, the 13 year old Kylie finished 9th and 5th respectively in the finals.

Kylie also bravely travelled to Hobart where she would once again compete against girls two years her senior in the Australian under 16 championships. Kylie was awsome in both the 90 metres and 200 metres hurdles where she recorded personal best performances in both and medaled in the 200 metre hurdles taking the bronze. Her 5th placing in the final was a career highlight and the fastest time ever by a WAC athlete of her age. Kylie was further rewarded by a berth in the 4x400 metre NSW relay team, winning her second national bronze medal at the titles.
National Rankings
1999 U14 80m hurdles-----12.61 Number 1
1999 U16 90m hurdles------14.17 Number 24
2000 U16 90m hurdles------13.57 Number 12
2000 U16 200m hurdles----30.15w Number 15
2001 U16 90m Hurdles ------13.97 Number 4
2001 U16 200m Hurdles ---- 30.18 Number 1

99-00 National Championships
1999 Aust All Schools U14-80m -h-12.61 Gold
1999 Aust All Schools U16-200m-h-30.46 5th
1999 Aust All Schools U16-90m -h-14.19 9th
1999 Aust All Schools U16-4x100m-52.14 Bronze
2000 Aust Underage----U16-90m -h-13.57 5th
2000 Aust Underage----U16-200m h-29.23 Bronze
2000 Aust Underage----U16-4x100m-4.09.80 Brnz
2000 Aust All Schools 4X100mSchU16 51.10 Bronze
2001 Aust Youth Champs 90m Hurd U16 13.97 4th
2001 Aust Youth Champs 200m Hurd. U16 30.18 Gold

99-00 State Championships
1999 NSW CHS----------U13 80m------- 12.3 Gold
1999 NSW CHS----------U13 100m------ 13.01 Gold
1999 NSW All Schools U13 80m hurd 12.95 Gold
1999 NSW All Schools U14 90m hurd 14.27 Bronze
1999 NSW All Schools U14 200m hur 30.40 Bronze
1999 NSW All Schools U15 4x100m--- 51.59 Silver
2000 NSW LA's State.-U13 80m hurdle 12.7 Gold

2000-2001 Season State Championships
2000 NSW CHS 90m Hurd. 14 14.07 Gold
2000 NSW CHS 4 X 100m 14 51.47 Silver
2000 NSW All Schools 90m Hurd. 14 14.0 Gold
2000 NSW All Schools 200m Hurd. 14 30.5 Bronze

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