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Meet Our International athlete / National Champions
Fabrice Lapierre                 class of 2001, 22 years.

Fabrice Lapierre           Personal Best:

          100m                   10.56     10.48w

          200m                    21.42*

          Long Jump           8.19   (indoor) 7.99

          Tripple Jump       15.24

Westfields Sports Hall of Fame
2002 World Junior Silver medallist
2002/2003 NSWIS Silver U23 Scholarship Holder
2003/2006 A&M University Texas, Scholarship
2003 NSW Sports Person of the Year (2002)
World Ranking: (Jan-Feb 2006)
Long Jump (Outdoors)     8.12     number 1
Long Jump (Indoors)        7.99     number 1
National Ranking:
2006 Open Long Jump     8.19     number 1
2006 Open Long Jump     8.04     number 1
International meets
2006 C'wealth Games   Long Jump   8.10     Bronze
National Championships
2006 Australian     Open Long J.     8.12  Gold
Indoor overseas
NCAA Indoors         Long Jump           7.99       Silver
Fayeteville, USA    Long Jump           8.04       2nd
Outdoor overseas
2005 NCAA Champs Open Long        8.15       Gold

2004 Big 12 winner USA Long Jump
2005 USA NCAA Long Jump Champion
2006 Best jump in World Jan/Feb 8.12 metres
2006 Best Jump in World (indoors) Jan/Feb 8.12 metres
2006 Australian Open Long Jump Champion
2006 C'wealth Games Bronze Medal L.J.
Fabrice Lapierre started at Westfields in year 8 as an exceptionally talented 'all-rounder'. Having been trained by Fred O'Connor since he was very young he already had a good background in jumping.
Initially he excelled at Westfields in hurdling and it wasn't until the 2000 Australian All Schools in Adelaide that he came of age and discovered his niche. An incredible 7 medalsand a World Junior qualifier in 200 metres; all at the age of 17.
A year later Fabrice would be graduating and was selected in the Australian team for the 2002 World Junior Championships after winning the Australian U20 Long Jump title on his 6th and final jump. This would become a trademark of Fabrice when on numoerous occasions he would come from behind in major tournaments to snach victory with his 6th round attempt. The most memorable being taking the silver medal at the 2002 World Junior Championships by winning with his final leap.
While in Jamaica Fabrice was approached by numerous American University scouts. On returning to Australia, Fabricewas also approached by the AIS and offered a full scholarship. Fabrice chose the A&M University scholarship in Texas and has never looked back.
It is interesting to note that very few Australians have ever significantly improved their athletics career on such scholarships. Fabrice has been one of the few exceptions. His first significant success was to win the 'Big 12' tournament and the ring that accompanies it. For two years Fabrice had bad luck with fouls and windy jumps outdorrs,
but his indoor jumping was outstanding. Just recently leaping 7.99 indoors - a massive effort.
This season Fabrice became the most highly achieved male WAC athlete in history. In 2005 he won the NCAA Championship in the USA with a massive leap of 8.15 metres (wind assisted). It elevated him to stardom in the USA and meant the beginning of a new career. Fabrice is already contemplating remaining in the USA after he graduates from A&M University. It was the first time he had officially jumped the eight metre barrier. The road to making the Australian team for the Commonwealth Games would be difficult for Fabrice not being able to contest the Telstra 'A' series. He needed to win the National title with an 'A' qualifier to guarantee a spot; he achieved this with ease recording his first and best ever legal jump of 8.12 metres.
Then the Australian summer seasonwould end with the highlight of his career and that magnificent Bronze medal leap at the Melbourne Commonwealth games. This is Fabrice's 10th year with the club and he receives Life Membership.
Late Breaking News:
Touring Europe with a team of athletes from the A&M University, Fabrice has just leaped 8.19 metres in Italy. This is the best jump by an Australian since Jai Taurima's   8.49m leap at the 2000 Olympics. It elevates Fabrice to number 5 all-time Australian;
Kasaus, Lithuania     7.91 (1.3)   1st       1 July
Salamanca, Spain     7.78 (2.4)   4th       5 July
La Laguna, Spain      8.10 (1.8)   2nd       8 July
Nuoro, Italy               8.19 (0.5)   1st       12 July
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