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18th March 2002
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Basketball Program

Our aim is to provide a state of the art basketball development program, which progressively teaches our students the skills and strategies of the game. We also aim to continually educate our coaches in the latest techniques, strategies and concepts of the game.


Our year 7 & 8 groups are primarily engaged in skill learning and development. Students in these years spend a cinsiderable amount of their training time in repetition of the individual and small group fundamentals. A minor amount of their time is spent on team structures, as they are playing a limited game schedule. Students are also engaged in speed work, skill testing, and physical testing at this level. Time Management and Westfields Sports philosophy of Play are areas of coverage for year 7, while year 8 cover a Score Table course, Nutrition, and Sports Psychology modules.

Our year 9 & 10 squads enter a more diverse stage of the program. Members of these squads are often chosen in school open teams, thus increasing timecommitment, We continue the progressive process of skill learning and development, and place more emphasis on the building of team structures. There are also more competitions available to this group. Strength training enters the curriculum and the speed work is developedto another level. We also include a Sports Psychology, History of Basketball, Referees Course, and more in depth X's and O's modules into year 9. While year 10 have additional modules in recovery, Nutrition, Referees Course, Score Table, Sports Psychology, and Media and the Elite Athlete.

Our year 11 & 12 squads complete a broad range of activities which entails regular participation in competitions, an advanced stage of both strength and speed training. We will also continue our sports psychology work and physical and skill development area also.
Here we have students who are able to perform a wide range of skills on demand. This is the pinnicle of our achievement. We hope that as the students leave our program, that they are able to fit into any playing system that they have the opportunity to trial for.


We generally enter all worthwhile competitions that are available to and suitable for us, with an upward limit taht would prevent a negative effort on studies. There are more competitions available to our older groups, however we are always trying to develop competition situations for our juniors.

West Sydney Razorbacks annual High School Tournament for our Yr7, 8, 9, 10 & 11 groups.

Sydney Kings Cup (Senior Boys and Girls Teams)

National Schools Basketball Tournament (for our Senior and Junior Boys and Girls Teams.

Open Age & 14 & 15 Years NSW All Schools Tournament (Boys & Girls)

Open Age & 15 Years CHS State Knockout (Boys & Girls)

Champion Cup Interstate Tournament (Yr 7&8, Yr 9&10, Yr 11&12 Boys & Girls teams)

Selected Invitational Events (as seen fit)

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