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Dale & Brad
RUNNING THROUGH THEIR VEINS...Kurt, Dale and Brad Jenner sprint ahead of the group when it comes to running. Photo: DEAN MARZOLLA

Wednesday 9th June 2004
Family athletic triumph

THEY share a friendly rivalry, compete in seperate events and can be found doing "funny stretches" on the loungeroom floor.
They are the Jenner boys - Dale, 14 who attends Westfields Sports High School and who has just completed his final year with Mt Pritchard Little Athletics Club, and 10-year-old twins Kurt and Brad.
Recently at Westfields' awards night, Dale took home the under-15s champion award, the national medallist champion and youth athlete of the year - for second time in a row.
All three brothers then cleaned up at the Little Athletics prize night with Dale walking away with state champion award, club membership award for under-25s, first place championship award and a state trophy.
Kurt took home the state champion award, club membership award for under-11s and the first place championship award. Brad was right on his tail with the Achievement award as well as second place championship award.
"It was a Jenner boys clean up," said the boys' mum, Sarah Jenner.
The Jenner boys have split across events with Dale and Kurt both sprint runners, while Brad sticks to long distance and walking events.
Dale will often get out with his brothers and help them with their block starts or other problems they may have," Mrs Jenner said.
In July, Dale will head down to the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) in Canberra to take part in the National Junior Australian Squad where athletes from across Australia will meet and train.
"It's just a chance to give me some experience at the AIS with their coaches," Dale said.
Dale, who studies sports science at school and often puts his brothers through a series of "funny stretches" on the loungeroon floor.
"It's funny because they'll do them, and the next day they can't walk," Dale said.

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