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Meet Our Athletes Ashleigh Payne     National Medalist
A very serious illness discovered mid 2002 put Ashleigh out of action for many months and forced her to withdraw from the 2002 Australian All Schools. What a comeback ensued in the new year! Selected for the second time in the Australian team for the Sydney Youth Olympics finishing 4th. Then medalling in all State and National titles before the season finished. Ashleigh is WAC’s most celebrated Javelin thrower.
Personal Bests:
Javelin ----------42.11
Discus ---------------------38.63m

2003 Sydney Youth Olympics
Ashleigh Payne
2001 - Update
Ashleigh Payne has been sitting in the wings for several seasons just waiting to burst onto the scene in athletics. Two years of dedicated hard work has finally paid off. At the age of 14 years and 10 months, Ashleigh leaped into the top 20 Open female National rankings with her life time best throw of 42.11 metres. In her age group (under 16) she is the number 1 javelin thrower in the country, and even makes the top 10 junior listings.
Like her training partner and friend, Rebecca, Ashleigh remained undefeated at State level in her age group and event for the entire 2000-2001 season. Probably the highlight of Ashleigh's season was her first throw in competition over 40 metres at the Australian All Schools in Adelaide, where she picked up the bronze medal. Other major highlights were the national under 16 title she won in Bendigo, and her bronze medal performance at the Sydney Youth Olympics. With her sights clearly set on the 2003 World Youth Championships, Ashleigh is already emerging as a warm favourite to make the National team in two years.

What a marvellous season from Westfields Sports High's outstanding softballer. Not a member of the WAC program, but a proud member of the Westfields Athletics Club, Ashleigh won the NSW Combined High Schools title in Javelin, defeating her WAC friend Rebecca Papadopoulos. In doing so, Ashleigh set a new State Combined High Schools record throw of 37.18 metres. Then at the NSW All Schools, Rebecca turned the tables and defeated Ashleigh, with Ashleigh picking up the silver.
The two girls had won the Gold and Silver at both the NSW CHS and NSW All Schools, each taking their turn for the gold medal.

However it would not be easy to repeat this performance at the Australian All Schools with the Western Australian girl ranked number 1. Ashleigh outperformed an injured Rebecca to pick up the National Bronze medal.
Ashleigh finished 1999 as the number 4 ranked javelin thrower in Australia.
State Championships
2003 NSW Youth U18 Javelin 36.53 Bronze
2003 NSW Open Open Javelin 38.94 Bronze
2003 NSW Open U20 Javelin 40.03 Silver
2002 NSW CHS 15 Javelin 40.66 Gold
2002 NSW CHS 15 Discus 38.45 Gold
2002 NSW All Sch. 16 Javelin 38.88 Bronze
2002 NSW All Sch. 16 Discus 36.71 Bronze
2002 NSW Relays Open 4xDis. 149.83 Gold
2001 NSW Youth Champ. Javelin U16 37.32 Gold
2000 NSW CHS Javelin 14 35.65 Gold
2000 NSW All Schools Javelin 14 36.44 Gold
1999 NSW CHS 13 Javelin 37.18 Gold
1999 NSW All School 13 Javelin 36.81 Silver
1999 NSW All School 14 Javelin 34.58 Bronze

National Rankings
2003 U20 Javelin 41.05 number 5
2003 U20 Javelin 41.05 number 4
2002 Open Javelin 42.08 number 24
2002 U20 Javelin 42.08 number 9
2001 Javelin Open 42.11 Number 18
2001 Javelin U20 42.11 Number 9
2001 Javelin U16 42.11 Number 1
2000 Javelin Open 40.22 Number 38
2000 Javelin U20 40.22 Number 22
2000 Javelin U16 40.22 Number 4
1999 U14 Javelin 38.14 number 4
1999 U16 Javelin 34.58 number 20

National Championships
2003 Aus. Youth U18 Javelin 41.05 Bronze
2003 Aus. Open U20 Javelin 38.97 (4) Bronze
Sydney Youth Olympics
Javelin 39.19 4th
2001 Aust. Youth Champ. Javelin U16 40.71 Gold
2001 Aust. Youth Champ. Javelin U18 42.11 5th
1999 Aust. All School U14 Javelin 38.14 Bronze
2000 Aust. All Schools Javelin U16 40.22 Bronze

International / Domestic Tournaments
Sydney Youth Olympics Javelin U18 40.69 Bronze
Newcastle Grand Prix Javelin Open 37.83 4th

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