------Westfields Sports


Mr Phil Tucker

In Australian education there was something missing. There were schools for students with special talents but nothing for gifted sports students. For all talented young sports persons there was a competition between education and sport - a competition which led to a significant number of Australian youth dropping out of sport. There was a strong need for a pertnership between education and sport.
Clearly there was a need for the establishment of a special school - one
that could provide sports persons with a pathway to the Australian Institute
of Sport, and to an education that provide for a life after sport.
Westfields Sports provides that pathway.

Since the establishment in 1963 and the opening by the honourable E.G.Whitlam, Westfields Sports has produced many successful and distinguished graduates. Amongst the original 300 students was Denis Evans, now professor of theoretical Chemistry at ANU, and William Devenish who was a swimming gold medalist at the 1966 Commonwealth Games.

Current members of parliament include the honourable Richard Amery MLA, the minister for agriculture in the NSW Government, and Joe Tripodi, MLA member for Fairfield. More recently many students have represented their country overseas, including Harry Kewell who has achieved international recognition for his soccer success, Kelly Golebiowski - Australian Soccer Squad and Amanda Pascoe, silver medallist in the 2002 Commonwealth Games.
The vision of the 60's was reflected in the 70's 80's and 90's giving rise to a tradition of striving for personal excellence - a tradition reflected in the schools moto: Fortitudo - endurance and perserverance.

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