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Westfields woman still good sport
Author helps free of charge


LOCAL success story Silva Mirzoian is back in Fairfield and wants everyone to wake up.
The former Westfields Sports High Schools student, now a millionaire Las Angeles real estate agent, has just written her first book.
Called Jump Start Your Life Seven Steps to waking up From The Sleep-Walking Mode, the book suggests ways for readers to find their "real purpose" in life.
Silva uses her own life as an example.
She went to the US to start a new life but found herself in a physicallyabusive marriage and walked out without a cent.
She decided to pursue her own emotional and financial independence.
Working seven day a week and with a strong belief in herself, she eventually went on to own four companies in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, being voted the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce's businesswomam of the yearin 1995, and having her own cable television show.
Along the way, she learnt some valuable lessons which she shared through her motivational seminars.
She holds voluntary "employment seminars" at the Salvation Army and homeless sheltersin Los Angeles and has started her own non-profit organisation, Passions and Dreams for Success, which raises money to help women to start their own business.
Now with her book she said she wants to help people reclaim their lives.
"Many people are living their lives as imposters," Ms Mirzoian said.
Silva Mirzioan WAKE UP CALL...Silva Mirzoian is back to urge us all to realise our potential.----------------------- Photo: HELEN NEZDROPA
"They are living a robotic routine existence and feel there should be something more. Many people leave college, get a career, get married and eventually find that they are not doing what they want with their lives.
"They lose themselves. They become disconnected from who they really areand discontented."
She said the secret is to find their spirit, mind, body and social tools.
"The way to find yourself is to have enough faith to stop and ask: how did I get here and why am I here?" she said.
The answer, she suggests, can be found in acknowledging why you feel lost and empty, accepting how you got to where you are, making a committment to take yourself to be where you want to be, igniting passions for your life and falling in love with yourself,
discovering what your purpose is in life, define your wish list and step up steps to live your purpose in life, and living with an "already have it" attitude. "Working for the Salvation Army and homeless shelters I have seen many sad people but I can see their potential," Ms Mirzoian said. She will sign her book and hold a free one hour seminar at Borders Books, Skygarden, November 8 and Macquarie Centre, November 9.

31st October 2002
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