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Tutankhamun brought to life

TUTANKHAMUN, the boy who was once the king of Egypt, is back from the dead.

Westfields Sports High School's year 11 ancient history students and teachers Adriana Cufre and Carol Gagic worked for three stressful weeks to "bring history to life" from February 22.

As part of their studies, students were required to create artefacts and transform their history classroom into a Tutankhamun exhibition. It was officially opened by historian Louise Zarmati last Wednesday.

Ms Cufre said the exhibition was inspired by the Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs exhibition which opened in Melbourne Museum last year.

"We tried to organise a trip to Melbourne to see the Tutankhamun exhibition but unfortunately it didn't happen. So we thought why don't we just bring Melbourne to us?" she said.

Among the 26 elaborate paintings and impressive collection of artefacts, there were statues, tombs, jewellery, furniture and even a perfume bottle (which contains real perfume) created by student Alexandra Grzesik.

Miss Grzesik said she chose to make a perfume artefact because she was "intrigued that the Egyptians also used perfume back then".

But Ms Cufre believes history wasn't the only lesson the students learnt from the overall experience.

"I think studying Tutankhamun has also been a life lesson for the kids because they've learnt how fleeting life can be," she said.

"It's also nice to be recognised for something other than sport for a change."
Hands-on history: Westfields Sports High School year 11 students, including (from left) Jordan Zammit, Alexandra Grzesik and Sasha Stevenson, recently turned learning into art.                                                      Picture: Chris De Jong

From left: Jelena Majstrovic, Sally Krajacic, Olivia Piccinin, Adriana Elachy and Lorena Realegeno.                                                               Picture: Chris De Jong

Year 11 students ancient history students fro Westfields Sports launched their Tutankhamun exhibition, the first of it's kind at the school on February 22.
The Champion asked the students what they found most interesting about Tutankhamun.
Jelena Majstrovic:

"I learned about different perspective and how glorified Tutankhamun was back in the day. I also learned a lot about leadership from organising the exhibition and working after schoolwith other students."
Sally Krajacic:

"The exhibition has given me detailed insight into the life of the young king. It made me appreciate what he went through and this exhibition really gives him the recognition he deserves."
Olivia Piccinin:

"It was interesting to learn about Egyptian people and how they loved their leaders. It's like they didn't want death to be the final step so they created a whole new world - the afterlife."
Adriana Elachy:

"For me it was interesting to how different life was back then. Even from furniture to the games they played. It was also interesting to learn about how the tomb was found."
Lorena Realegeno:

"Tutankhamun was very much loved. He that anyone could rule an empire, no matter how old they were. I fould that really inspiring."

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Posted 29th February 2012

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