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By Sam Speranza

Local students got the chance to become journalists for the day through the Adopt -a School program.
The government-funded scheme, which links schools with industry mentors, is an initiative of the Fairfield Business Education Partnership and with the Fairfield Champion to provide students between years 8 to 11 with career information and practical experience. Students learned about working in the media during a training day hosted by Champion editor Heloise Reece.
Westfields Sports students Mark Chircop, Widyan Albud and Stephanie Langridge joined the day at the Fairfield Business Education Partnership where students will have their stories published throughout the year.
Ms Reece, who has worked as a journalist for eight years, taught students how to write a news story by including the five essentials who, what, where, when, why?
Most trainee journalists learn these basics at university or on the job.
Ms Reece said being a journalist was a tough but rewarding career, and she encouraged students with a passion for news to follow a career in the media.
Many students said they were so inspired by the training program that they wanted to start writing for their local newspaper.

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Wednesday 28th March 2007

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