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General Information

The Westfields Sports Library is the learning centre of this unique school with its dual focus of providing each student with the opportunity to succeed academically as well as in sport. The Library Staff members are totally committed to providing the latest in both printed and digital resources for both students and staff. All students have access to the latest technology via the many computers available before, during and after school hours. A multimedia room is located in one section of the library and can be used for:

  • Clickview programs incorporated into lessons
  • DVDís for film as text components of English courses etc
  • Lessons based on the use of an electronic whiteboard and a P. C.

  • Literacy and numeracy related to all courses in each faculty are supported by library resources and services. The fiction, non fiction and reference sections of the collection are continually culled and added to each year. The latest novels from displays located around the library are recommended by library staff to students. Students are encouraged to request the titles they would like added to the library.

    Year Seven students are encouraged to read and need to record the books they read on a Reading Card. This must be signed by either the parent or teacher who observes their reading activities. Excellent application is rewarded with Merit Certificates for Reading being presented to students when each card is completed.

    Students are encouraged to participate in the Premierís Reading Challenge each year. All titles available in the library collection are tagged with a blue circle sticker so students can easily identify titles included in the challenge. Each participant must keep their own Personal Reading Log and then enter the completed list before the end of August to the PRC website. The Librarian is always available to assist with this part if required. The final validation will be done by the co-ordinator responsible for each group.

    Students are encouraged to write book reviews of books they read and these can be presented at assemblies to encourage other students to read or used as reviews on the Library page on the website.

    Mathletics, an online maths challenge program, is very popular at all times in the library. Students participate in a speed and accuracy test dealing with all aspects of mathematics.

    All classroom teachers and coaching staff are encouraged to use the library and incorporate research and ICT skills in lessons.

    Special reading lessons are conducted in the library to assist students.

    Even Start tutors also use the facilities of the library at the specially allocated times either before or after school hours.

    Senior study students are also offered assistance with coursework during non timetabled lesson times by supervising teachers. Many senior students stay and study in the library after their classes have finished each day because they have access to resources, computers and teaching staff. Juniors may also stay after school on the afternoons staff are rostered for supervision.

    Pathway students can use the library as a study area when they are not involved in normal lessons. This assists them to successfully combine their studies and sport commitments during their extended HSC years.

    Our library is the most versatile place in the school. Whenever a special area is required for debates, meetings, incursions, talks by visitors etc the library is an ideal location. It excels as a multi- functional learning area with large work areas suitable for group or individual work, computer workstations, a quiet reading area and desks for private study.

    Library Staff
    Mrs C. Fardell ----------Teacher Librarian
    Mrs K. Tillman, Mrs S. Bradshaw and Mrs S. Mariani SASS staff

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