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2013 School Captains
2012 School Captains
Madeleine Stone & Marcus Ibaceta
Madeleine Stone & Marcus Ibaceta

2011 School Captains
Narelle Ontivero & Alex Pimmachanh
Narelle Ontivero & Alex Pimmachanh
2010 School Captains
Sandra Majstrovic and Anthony Tedesco
Sandra Majstrovic and Anthony Tedesco

2009 School Captains
Megan Farnham & James Jankulovski
2008 School Captains
         Loredana Ontivero

2007 School Captains
Samantha Borg & Samir Al Seblani
Samantha Borg & Samir Al Seblani
2006 School Captains
Anne Nguyen & Rodney Ma'a
Anne Nguyen & Rodney Ma'a

Chloe Basan & Jeff Skinner
2005 School Captains
As School Captains for 2005 we are very proud of the SRC’s achievements.
The Student Representative Council (SRC) were an enthusiastic and dedicated group who undertook projects to make Westfields Sports an even better environment for all students. The SRC attended memorial ceremonies such as Anzac Day, Remembrance Day, Battle for Australia Day and the Governor’s leadership day. Community charities received strong support with guidance from the SRC. These included Jeans for Genes, Stewart House and Legacy. Shave for a Cure was a great success.
The SRC raised funds to purchase two new BBQ’s for school functions, along with outdoor table settings, a new illuminated sign, a refurbished flag pole and air conditioning for our canteen staff.
The school’s environment was enhanced when the SRC supported National Tree and Clean Up Australia Days.
We thank Westfields Sports for the great opportunities and experiences.
Good luck to the Captains of 2006.

2004 School Captains
Adrian Bartolo and Lenda Oshalem
The 2004 SRC began in late 2003 with the school captains Adrian Bartolo and Lenda Oshalem representing the school at Canley Heights RSL for a Remembrance Day ceremony. Heading into the festive season, the SRC aimed to spread the joy of Christmas by singing Christmas Carols to the students of Westfields Sports and the very special audience at Nyora Gardens Nursing Home. This was a prime example of how this year's student body aimed at bringing the local community together, showing our appreciation for their support.

Celebrations were maintained well into the new year and February's Valentine's Day Rose Sales was a taste of things to come for the 2004 SRC. By not only exceeding the exceptional amount of money raised in 2003, the SRC flawlessly executed this wonderful day by bringing together the Westfields Sports family, students and teachers. Recognition should go to Chloe Basan and Jan Elias, whose outstanding efforts in sales contributed to the successful day.

In April Giulia Fimmano, Brett Morrison Samantha Canhao and Lenda Oshalem once again represented our school in the community ceremonies for ANZAC Day. Participation in ANZAC ceremonies has been a long standing tradition in Westfields Sports that must be sustained in future years.

Caetano Lima & Lauren Barnes
2003 School Captains
Hailed as a great success the 2003 Westfields Sports Student Representative Council (SRC) raised the standard for future SRC's. The hardworking members of the SRC all contributed to the result, which outdid previous year' fundraising efforts. By setting their main goal as improving morale of the Westfields Sports constituents, the SRC was able to make the year a most enjpyable one. Along with traditional annual events there were other triumphant fundraising events, allowing the SRC to give back to the school a whole lot more.

The year kicked off with an outstanding effort that would seem a challenge to beat for future SRC students.
In February the SRC collected orders for roses to be issued on Valentine's Day. When the day came around all students were more than satisfied with the outcome, a somewhat out of the ordinary flawless day.

Year 12 leaders of Westfields were invited to a leadership seminar. Lauren Barnes and Spencer Ferreira represented the SRC at Parliament House where they met the Governor of New South Wales Marie Bashir Bakar. Lauren and Spencer also met with several members of parliament, receiving advise and information about how the MPs got to their esteemed positions. The seminar allowed the two to meet with leaders from other NSW High Schools and discuss their leadership role, duties and future aspirations.

2002 School Captains
2002 has come and gone, and with it, a critical time in the lives of Year 12 students. During the past six years, Westfields has nurtured us into becoming young adults and it is now time for us to fend for ourselves. Leanne and I were both very proud at having the privilege of being your Captains for the 2002 school year. We aimed to take on the responsibilities and commitments of such a role by representing, not only the school and its name, but also the people who make up the school: teachers, students, parents & citizens - in order to retain the school’s reputation it has come to hav developed from past years.
The year began on a very busy note with the continued construction of the new gymnasium hall and an enthusiastic SRC. We had the honour of representing Westfields at the 2001 Remembrance Day Ceremony at Canley Heights RSL Club,
Patrick Polito & Leanne Chami
and promoting Westfields to Mt Pritchard Public School. With the help of the other SRC members we undertook various fundraising activities such as the ever enjoyable Valentines Day rose selling.
We also had great pride in meeting the Governor of NSW, Her Excellency Marie Bashir, and school captains from various regions, where we met potential leaders of tomorrow. We were also given the opportunity to meet the Federal Opposition Leader, Jenny Macklin and our Federal Member of Parliament Janice Crosio during their visit to Westfields.
Of our various fundraising for charities, our most memorable fundraising activity would have been the indoor soccer match we set up between teachers and students to raise money for UNICEF sports activity boxes for children in third world countries. We were also given the opportunity to help members of our own community with the invitation by the P & C to be present at their "Driving with Attitude" night where we were able to gain road skills to help us to become better drivers.
Leanne and I would like to give a special thank you to the Student Representative Council who fulfilled their obligations with the utmost enthusiasm and maturity in looking out for the best interests of the school, and to Mr Caprarelli who did an outstanding job as SRC Co-ordinator and gave us the right guidance to achieve our goals.
We would also like to extend a thank you to the Administration Staff. To Mr Tucker, thank you for your continued guidance and wisdom, not only for 2002, but for the past six years. The example which you have set for us along with a sense of pride and hunger to achieve, will benefit us all in our future endeavours.
On behalf of Year 12, we would like to acknowledge the efforts of our Year Advisor Mr Traslavina who provided the best for us and kept us on task. Thank you to Miss Taylor Assistant Year Advisor. Thank you to all teachers and staff for their never ending efforts to provide us with better opportunities for the future. Finally, Leanne and I would like to thank everyone for putting their faith in us and allowing us to represent you in the role of Captains for 2002. We wish the 2003 SRC all the best, as well as next year's Captains all the success in the world. We hope their reign will be as enjoyable as ours was.
Thank you Westfields
Patrick Polito & Leanne Chami

Daniel Waetford & Lana Rowill
2001 School Captains
2001 found both of us delighted in being elected as school captains, and bewilded by the responsibility that lay ahead. However, with the constant and diligent assistance of teachers, students and other members of Westfields, we were able to fulfil our responsibilities, while simultaneously enjoying our final year at school.

2001 began well with the undertakings of the fundamental stages of the Learnscape project that will improve the various gardens around Westfields. The performing arts building was officially opened by the minister for Education, John Aquilina, with Senator Marise Payne, the Honourable Janice Crosio MBE.MP and Joseph Tripodi MP, in attendance.
We also had great pride in meeting the governor of NSW, Her Excellency Marie Bashir, and school captains from various regions, in which we extended our skills as leaders of tomorrow.

We represented Westfields in attending the launch of the Gatedways program, with NSW Premier Bob Carr, and other dignitaries - all the while gaining insight into how to better the future of our school.

It was an honour to represent our school at special events such as Anzac Day.

We both extend a thank thank you to the Students Representative Council for supporting us as captains. In particular our appreciation goes to Ms Longo and Mr Kumar who fearlessly stepped into the role of SRC advisors/coordinators. We give further thanks to excutive staff for assisting with our first role as student leaders.

Lastly, we would like to wish the 2002 SRC all the best, and hope the captains' reign cas be as enjoyable as ours was.

Thank you.
Lana Rowell & Daniel Waetford.

2000 School Captains

The millennium year has been an outstanding success. The last six years have seen Year 12 as a group and as individuals grow into mature and aspiring young adults. We credit this process in part to the wonderful school we have all come to cherish and respect.

Krystle and I have enjoyed the role of Captains and the esteem it brings with it. The SRC has provided us with the avenue of achieving many of our goals. The most exciting achievement was the re-establishment of the learnscape project which has been the landscaping of the bus bay area out the front of the school.
Krystal Kovacs & Jason Lay
We are proud to present to this school a lasting legacy of what the SRC encompasses i.e. dedication and service to our peers. To Mr Tucker, thank you for your exemplary leadership over the past six years. We thank you for instilling in us a sence of pride, courage and determination in our futureb On behalf of Year 12 in the Olympic Year, we would like to thank the executive staff, Mr Newell, Ms Longo, Mr Kumar & Mr Bleven for the opportunities that they have presented to us. Without them the year would not have been the same, nor would it have been as eventful as it was. In conclusion, Krystle and myself would like to thank everyone for entrusting us with the role of captaincy and hope that we have fulfilled the role with honour and have achieved the goals we had set out to achieve.

Krystal Kovacs & Jason Lay

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